that fall (the versions)

by vicelounge

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Confused. Confounded. Yet...Still the love making is wonderful. What is a person to do?

Good is a feeling. Bad is place. Thus, it can feel good to be in a bad place. This project takes the tune "That Fall (Hit The Ground)" and does more than create remixes. We examined the theme from different perspectives.

[Plus, two bonus cuts: one about pure lust and another to remind us, there is a war going on outside!]

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released October 10, 2012

music: vicelounge
vocals: tai allen

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all rights reserved


vicelounge New York, New York

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Track Name: that fall (runaway mash)
i wanted to see what would happen if we made the jawn a lil danceable. we have the slow jam, the groove tune and boom bap versions; each has its own existence.

now we can dance to it to.

peace to king dilla and pharcyde for the inspiration!

and the DJ knob-turn off with treble was Jonn's idea, i fought it!! hard. lol
Track Name: That Fall/Tulips live from Poetz Realm in Bridgport
foolish men
fool themselves
into believing
they can acquire your heart

it's true
they can plan
as perfect
as plan
a man
can plan
to know your inner beauty

but the breezeway
to your heart
is not through your panties
it's not even
through your heart

it's through the eyes
of a man
who understands
no man
can hold your hands
through plans

there are reason
tulips are hugged by you

they have lost
all their insecurities
no more trying
to be roses